Digital Creative

VIVID Sydney App

VIVID Sydney is a Light, Music and Ideas festival



Make the VIVID Sydney app more spectacular and easier to use.

The app combines all the information Vivid Sydney has to offer in one easy to use application.


We had the unique opportunity to put forward concepts on how we envisioned the next iteration of the Vivid Sydney app. We had a few days to respond with a pitch presentation, so we quickly ideated around new app features and assessed the latest trends in app UI and interaction design. Wireframes were sketched before developing an evolution to VIVID Sydney’s digital visual identity and a series of screens were finalised for the pitch.



Front Page

We explored and presented two concepts for how to approach the front page of the app. One allowed for rapid navigation while the other surfaced content in a news feed. The final design used a combination of the two.


Trails & My Vivid

Trails promoted precincts across Sydney and guided users to what to see and do in one night. Creating a My Vivid account empowered users to plan what events they were going to attend.



A rich news feed kept users on the pulse and the introduction of gesture driven transitions made content more engaging. We introduced an iconography to replace images in offline mode. Users tended to plan throughout the day and use the app during the event so day & night mode was designed to make it easier for users to digest content.



Drifter was successful in the pitch.