Digital Creative

LEXUS – Driving IS Everything



In 2013 Lexus released the all-new IS. This was a major statement by the brand to combat the perception of Lexus as bland with a vehicle that is bold, aggressive and designed to inspire feelings of fun and excitement. The challenge was to build this emotional connection with people through a digital campaign worthy of this milestone in the evolution of the Lexus IS.


The all-new Lexus IS is everything - performance, design, innovation and exhilaration. With this bold statement our idea was to bring all these elements to life with a digital campaign on a scale Lexus had never executed before and indeed prove that the new IS really is everything.


To build anticipation for the launch and beyond, we created a cross-platform campaign ranging from a reinvented website, state of the art iPad app with augmented reality, a multi-faceted display media campaign and a micro-site dedicated to capturing and sharing people’s reactions to the new IS.


The Reactions Wall

We didn’t just want to make people aware of the new IS, we wanted them to have a passionate reaction to it. We created a place that collects and showcases all the reactions to the vehicle, including press quotes, video reviews and social media, and allowed users to share their own reaction.


Display Media

Rich media banners were created for both the teaser and launch phases of the campaign which focused on the key elements of the new IS: design, innovation, performance and the emotional reaction to it. Retargeting banners were introduced after launch to highlight the benefits of the IS over competitor models.


State of the art sales tool

The iPad app is a highly effective, single-minded sales tool that dealers can use on the showroom floor with customers. It features a brochure mode which tells a linear story about the IS, and an augmented reality mode which brings the features of the car to life as the customer moves around the vehicle with the iPad. The app’s design and messaging is consistent with the overarching digital campaign for a seamless user journey.