Digital Creative


NEXO KNIGHTS is the story of five brave knights who use NEXO Powers to defeat a monster army. Now, with the revival of Monstrox, the monster army is stronger. In order to have a chance at defending Knighton they must combine their powers.


Play experience

NEXO KNIGHTS is a new integrated play experience combining the physical brick with a digital game. The first year the product launched it included QR code based NEXO Powers that could be scanned and used in the game. Now 3 of these NEXO Powers can be combined into a more powerful Combo NEXO Power.


Harness the franchise website and the idea of “Combine your Powers” to drive recruitment and continued engagement in an updated NEXO KNIGHTS universe.




NEXO KNIGHTS front page

I overhauled the site with the focus on using the front page as a signpost with a promotional area and a feed of editorial driven content. Quick links enabled kids to easily navigate to content categories like products, characters and videos that had been previously hidden on mobile devices. This played a big part in improving engagement and increasing page views. Influencing the teams approach to the broader site.


Explore story chapters

12 story chapters were released throughout the year with a consistent page structure of Story, Product, Game, and Combo Missions so kids knew what to expect and were motivated to return to the site.


Combo Missions

To reward kids for engaging with the brand they were given a Combo NEXO Power on completion of each combo mission.


MERLOK 2.0 app game

One of the learnings from the previous year’s metrics was the lack of performance on the game detail page. My hypothesis was that it was too text heavy. To combat this I created a custom game page that explained the game and story through a handful of images and twitch inspired game videos.


NEXO Powers

NEXO Powers are scannable shields that can be used in the App Game. This page was created to inform and excite kids into using the NEXO Powers. It included a hype reel, interactive demos and a detailed catalogue of all NEXO Powers.


Content creation

LEGO franchises create a lot of content; TV series, illustrated key art, product photography and mini movies, TVCs, 3D renders and the game. Two favourites I worked on include:

Epic product animation

I came up with the idea to use the individual product animations in a way that they could be edited into one epic story.
+3MIL YouTube views

Battle Suit Fight Off

I created one of the hero movies “Battle Suit Fight Off” where two of the knights used their rivalry to improve their training.
+700K YouTube views

Extending existing assets

We created a portfolio of content that surpassed the standard marketing toolkit, including stills and videos used across social media. I recognised a need to improve the way we promoted the game and led the creation of a series of game videos. The 360° content trend was starting and I saw an opportunity to give our audiences an immersive experience and experiment with new technology.

Game videos

Inspired by Twitch and what was trending on YouTube, I screen recorded game play and directed game video edits reaching over +14MIL YouTube views

Lego first 360° video

Without a specialised camera I created a 360° video by compositing and animating an existing key visual, putting the viewer in the middle of an epic battle scene.


Within the first month after my new direction for the site was implemented we reduced the bounce rate by 40% and it became one of the highest engaged with sites on, increasing average page views per visit and average time on site.