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Laava – Authentication of Things™

How do you know you can trust the thing you hold in your hands is real?

Laava is creating the next generation of scannable codes designed for the Authentication of Things, enabling every individual item to tell its own unique story. The identifier is called a Smart Fingerprint and can only be scanned by a Laava powered scanner.



Demonstrate how Laava can solve authentication issues across multiple industry verticals. By designing the end to end scanning experience of a consumer app and creating use cases for the purposes of selling into investors, funding bodies and potential customers.





The core demo

A series of authentication cases that covered multiple industry verticals were defined. Smart Fingerprints were generated, Result screen design and content were turned into JSON files. Soon we could present working demos that told a variety of stories. Both positive scan results and alerts.

Result screens

Coming up with successful scan screens came naturally, where it became a challenge was the considering alerts because of the large potential for scenarios. What happens if there is something suspicious with the item you're scanning? Especially if it is a high value item or could harm you if it’s not what it says it is?

Go to on your mobile device to try out these demos*.

Please note that scan results may differ as you will be viewing the web experience.


Developing the visual identity

Once we had our working demo I completed the designs for the remaining screens in the app and tightened up the design; improving the UI and interactions, colours, icons and broader brand guidelines.


Packaging and labels

As part of the end to end demo the integration of the Laava Smart Fingerprint in packaging had to be considered. Including the size, how it sat visually, and any instructional copy.



There was an opportunity to launch a pilot before the app was finished. So the app was parked and we rapidly designed and built a web scanner. Since then it has gone through multiple iterations replacing the app in demonstrations. There are more pilots underway and the design team and I have had the opportunity to do user testing with some exciting outcomes and learnings that already making an impact on future iterations. My role also saw me supporting the commercial team including creating pitch materials tailored to partners needs and helped secure Laava’s largest account win to date (AUG 2018).