Digital Creative

HAHN Jump Start

A bunch of mates having a chat over a few beers can often lead to some crazy, wonderful ideas – what if someone gave them the start to make those dreams a reality? Just like those four guys that came up with the idea of starting a brewery back in 1987 …



Hahn Jump Start is a competition giving five of Australia’s top young entrepreneurs the opportunity to not only receive up to $25,000, but a tailored mentoring program. Design a digital platform that supported the Hahn Jump Start campaign and housed the Hahn brand story.



I defined the brand's digital visual identity and GUI style guide while the strategy team outlined a 3 phase plan for the competition. With more clarity we explored user flows to define the entry mechanic and articulated it through wireframes and paper prototypes. I art directed a team of designers in turning the wireframes into finished designs. The art direction was extremely important as it needed to enhance the established brand design and build on the brand story video.




The competition sat within the Hahn site and evolved throughout the campaign.

Phase 01: Motivated potential participants driving awareness and call for entries.

Phase 02: Focused on managing entries voting and showcasing the finalists.

Phase 03: Announced the winners and told their story.


Redesign of

The site needed to evolve to meet the needs of Hahn brewer’s branding updates and a trending requirement across most of Lion’s brand sites to cater for more frequent editorial content. It was designed to be able to promote current and future brand messages, and the use of cards allowed it to be responsive. To support the campaign content was created to help inspire entrepreneurs.