Create an original artwork from 10 predefined Adobe Stock images.
Represent the theme “ZESTY” in your art.

Judged by designers Leta Sobierajski and Wade Jeffree

Before looking to deeply into the details of each image provided, I thought about and mapped out what Zesty means. In the dictionary, Zesty is defined as “energetic and active”, or something like food that is “agreeably pungent or sharp in taste or flavor; pleasantly biting or tart.”

At first I thought of citrus fruits, juices, tropical, vibrant colours and movement and energy. That took me to thinking of other themes like Brazilian dance and Mermaids and finally Flamenco dance.
Flamenco is Zesty – It’s passionate, very energetic. The dynamic flowing movements are punctuated with strong sharp poses.
Pinterest was my go to source to study shape, movement, poses and photographic treatments.
Based on my references I did a number of thumbnails to work out the pose and a draft sketch to get basic shapes to trace in Photoshop with the pen tool.
To incorporate the images so they seamlessly fit together I went with paper craft look. Granted it was created purely in Photoshop, it would be nice to do it for real.
A few notes on achieving the looks of certain parts:

I made a repeat pattern out of the Adobe Stock photo “8989708” to create the skin.

Hands & arms
Overlaid the mesh from Adobe Stock vector “133466172” on top of the skin texture to look like fish net gloves.

A gradient map was used on the drop Adobe Stock image “131796320” to get moist red lips.

Gradient map on Adobe Stock image “126591545” so the colour compliments the rest of the illustration.

Started out as simple white pearls and I was going to use Adobe Stock image “77558730“ in the background but it just wasn’t working. I then realised I could use part of the rock as a gem for the neckless… perfect.

The pseudo paper texture was made with the same repeat pattern used for the skin.

Layered effect was made with shadows, drop shadows and soft brushes were used for the shadows. The highlight edges with inner shadows.

There was some colour adjustments to unify the overall colour palette. I’ve used a dark background colour to amplify those vivid colours. This meant that the dark hair was lost in it, so a soft round brush was used to make a faint spotlight to fix it.
The use of a noise as a subtle grain finished it off.

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